Puppies – Day 13

The puppies’ eyes are starting to open. They are getting a bit more mobile on their wobbly legs.

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Congratuations Raze and Remy!

Congratulations to Doug & Sandy and their girl, Raze (Inglis Once In A Blue Moon), for completing her Canadian Championship at the Lakes District Kennel Club shows at Burns Lake, BC this past weekend. Raze went Winner’s Female at all eight shows and Best of Winners four times. Raze had a litter of 10 puppies this past spring and was returning to the show ring after becoming a mom. Remy (Inglis Aim For The Stars) started his show career and attained 6 points over the weekend going Best of Winner’s three times. I heard that it was a fun weekend and hopefully we’ll try to attend next summer!

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Puppies – Day 12

The puppies are growing nicely.  They mostly eat and sleep but sure know when Skylar enters the whelping box. They have a wonderful sense of smell at this age.  They enjoy sleeping in the sunshine in the mornings. Their eyes are just beginning to open and so at the end of the week, we should have a bit more active puppies.

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Day 6 – Puppies

Skylar continues to be a wonderful mom! All the puppies are gaining weight – although at different rates. Yesterday one of the girls was a bit colicky as we put a yellow collar on her to keep an eye on her. Today she is just fine. The puppies are starting to get mobile and they sure know when Skylar enters the whelping box!

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Day 3 – Puppies

Skylar continues to be a wonderful, attentive mom. The puppies are gaining weigh nicely and are quite content with and without her. It is amazing how much they have changed already…

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Top Show Dog Award from CKC

Casey received mail today!

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Welcome Little Ones!

After a long night and early morning, Skylar X Casey welcomed 10 little Flat Coats – 3 males and 7 females. Skylar is a wonderful but busy mom.

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Adorable Puppies!

Congratulations Doug and Sandy Steinbach (Solitude Kennels) and Rase (Inglis Once In a Blue Moon) on their litter of 11 adorable puppies. These wonderful photos were taken by Anna Michele Mccue (Woof Images). Casey and Lucy are proud of their grandkids!

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OFA Checks

X-rays for hips and elbows and patella check all sent away to OFA for Lexi and Ruger. The vet said all looked great so will just wait for the results from OFA. Photos of Ruger taken today as he is maturing nicely!

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Latest Ad For Ruger and Lexi

Also love the new ads for Ruger and Lexi!

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