Joy & Vaughan Rally Obedience Workshop

rally2 Lucy and I attended the wonderful Joy & Vaughan Rally Obedience Workshop hosted by Lynda Berar at the Bill Heron Arena in Indus, Alberta. The workshop focused on Rally Obedience, Training, and Conditioning for all dog sports.

Day One focused on:

  • Perfecting the basics
  • Focus and Attention Work
  • Confidence
  • Building dog training games to ensure that both you and your dog enjoy the training you need to achieve your GOALS!
  • How to use positioning stations to teach or improve your off leash work.
  • How to perfect pivot work, and use it for the ultimate reward Game.
  • The best way to walk a course and plan for no Points loss during your performance.

Day Two:

  • Canine Conditioning
  • Jumping technique and Drive Work
  • Course work on all levels Novice, Advanced and Excellent.
  • How to interpret difficult signs for point loss.
  • Training cues to keep your dog in heel position on tight courses. Identifying your performance weaknesses to prevent point loss.
  • Trouble shooting any of your existing problems.
  • Q & A

Just waiting to put all that Lucy and I learned into practice at the upcoming AKC trials in August!  Stay tuned for results!


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