SKOC Dog Shows

Great start to the three day weekend of Saskatoon Kennel & Obedience Club shows. Casey (Can/Am Ch Heirborn Above the Law WC CGN) went Best of Breed for his first 4 Grand Championship points. What a great entry of FC’s this weekend! He then went on to a Group 2 this morning! He continues to amaze us for such a young dog!

Show #2 of the SKOC dog shows and Casey went Select Male. Two more points towards his Grand Championship. Such a lovely entry FC’s today! Congratulations to everyone! Tomorrow is the FCRSC Booster (Support Entry) with more fun! Will be busy with our three FC’s Good thing that Katie is home to help out!

Show #3 SKOC Dog Show – What a great entry of FC’s! Casey went Select Male at our FCRSC booster for another 2 Grand Championship points. It was fun to see Kirby and Skylar (Jax X Lucy puppies) in the Baby Puppy class. They both did very well and loved visiting all the people. Kirby won his class and Skylar went Best Baby Puppy in Breed and then Best Baby Puppy in the Sporting Group! Congratulations to everyone! I heard that the FCRSC booster might become an annual event….


Show #4 of the SKOC Dog Show – Casey now has 10 Grand Championship points as he went Best of Opposite today in a strong lineup of Specials. We had lots of lovely compliments about this young male. He is a dream to work with! Congratulations to everyone and thank you to the people who travelled to attend our booster. Same time next year? Off to do some field training on Tuesday with the FC crew. This is always lots of fun, too!


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Bismarck Kennel Club Dog Shows

Just back from a great weekend at the Bismarck Kennel Club dog shows. It was very busy as they had two shows on Saturday and two shows on Sunday. Casey can now add Am Ch to his name – CanAm Ch. Heirborn Above the Law WC CGN. He completed his AM Ch with four majors. On Saturday – Bismarck Show #1 – Casey went Best of Winners for a 3 point major and Show #2 – he went Best of Breed over Specials from the Open Male class for a 5 point major and we hoped that we counted the points correctly and this completed his AM Ch. On Saturday – Show #3 we kept him in the classes (just in case we counted incorrectly) and he went Best of Breed again for a 5 point major. Show #4 – Casey was moved up as a Special and took the Breed again for a 5 point major toward his Grand CH. To top off the weekend, Casey took Group 2nd in the Owner-Handler very large and competitive group! Thank you Paul Jonas and Michele Legare Jonas for this wonderful boy as he continues to amaze us! He is such a joy to work with!! Baby Skylar went on the RV road trip with Casey and we all met such wonderful supportive people in North Dakota – Lynn, Susan, Sarah, Kami, Rosey and many more! Skylar even made a new friend (AKA Fred) who the owners think that she should see more of! What great shows, venue, and hospitality! We will be returning in the future!

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Love this photo of Casey at the FCRSC 2016 National Specialty that Liz took!


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FCRSC 2016 National Specialty

Just arrived home after our 3285 km round trip to the FCRSC 2016 National Specialty and Sporting Dog Spectacular which were held in Surrey, BC. A big thank you to both organizing committees all of the volunteers and to everyone who attended! They were wonderful events! We were so proud of our gang – Lucy, Casey and baby Skylar. What awesome travellers! Casey (Ch Heirborn Above the Law WC CGN) was Best of Opposite Sex at the Sporting Dog Club of BC Juvenile Sweepstakes. Skylar (Inglis Kountry Skye) won her Baby Puppy class at the sweepstakes. Casey was second in his class at the FCRSC Juvenile Sweepstakes. Both Casey and Lucy (Can GCH Am Ch Huntlane Kountry Moon PCD RI CGN Am RN) had the cut in the tough Specials ring. Casey was the youngest Specials in the ring (14 months) and was handled expertly by Heidi Gervais. This was Casey’s debut as a Special. Heidi had many fine compliments about him by both exhibitors and judges. We are excited about the future of this young boy! Four month old Inglis Kountry Skye and Inglis Kountry Neeka also had a great time in the Baby Puppy class with Neeka placing second in this big class. It was great to meet Eric, Nicole, and their girls – Neeka’s owners. The venue was great, the weather terrific, and it was so great to re-connect with old friends and make lots of new ones! Looking forward to returning in the future!

IMG_9219IMG_9211IMG_9290 IMG_9276 IMG_9228IMG_9232IMG_9285IMG_9245IMG_9341IMG_9325IMG_9265IMG_9300 IMG_9299

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A Lovely Day for Training

Casey and I spent a wonderful day training at the Saskatoon Retriever Club land and training with decoys…..




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Inglis Kountry Borealis

We will miss Bernie (Inglis Kountry Borealis) but he will have a wonderful home with Bill and Liz!


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FCRSA 2016 National Specialty

Thank you Chris Butler for these wonderful photos of Casey from the FCRSA National.

Can Ch Heirborn Above The Law WC CGN (Casey) – FCRSA – 12-15 month old class

20160606-_P4Q4208-(ZF-3249-55452-1-001) 20160606-_P4Q4478-(ZF-3249-55452-1-002)

20160607-_P4Q5868-(ZF-3249-55452-1-003) 20160607-_P4Q5911-(ZF-3249-55452-1-004)

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