Sprinters Trials

Great but windy time at the Hub City Kennel & Obedience Club’s two sprinters trials today. Ruger caught on the the lure right away. He is a natural sprinter – – trial 1 : time – 9:45 sec; 38.1 kph; 48 points and tria l2 – time – 8.8 secs; 40.9 kph and 51 points. In tria 1, Lexi was unsure about the whole thing, the wind was blowing a lot and the generator was very loud, Dylan (the holder) said that he could not hear me calling Lexi so he ran with her for a bit until she heard me calling and waiving like crazy. Trial 2 – time 10.3 secs; 35 kph, 44 points. She caught on. I think that I might need the whistle to get her attention at the beginning. We all had fun and will try this again.

Ruger and Lexi
Ruger with two qualifying runs
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